Your Salt Lake City Shopping ExperienceWood Carvings

There is a variety of home décor carved from wood. Much of it comes from an area in Northern Thailand. There are statues of traditional images such singhas and other guardian figures. The artists also carve exquisite mirrors, a variety of animal figures and other home décor; which includes pedestals, sconces, and other beautiful wall plaques. Elephants and monkeys are a very popular motif.



Handicrafts/Folk Arts

These crafts are plentiful through out Thailand. They include baskets, rattan, porcelain miniatures of animals and tea sets, soap, Celadon (ceramics), boxes of wood or lacquer ware, and fans of many sizes. These fans can be the size for holding in your hand, or very large for displaying on the wall. We have also found a nice quality resin product that is used to form statues, vases, boxes and other home décor.

Hill Tribe Handicrafts

These talented indigenous tribes create wonderful textiles that are used in traditional clothing or hats and bags for today’s market place. Several of the tribes also produce unique tribal jewelry that includes necklaces, earrings, bracelets and barrettes for customers outside their communities.






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