Thai Buddha statues are representative of the Theravada style of Buddhist practice.  The bronze cast Buddhas are purchased at shops that also supply many ritual items used in the practice of both the monk and layperson (householder). Other items you could find are masks, incense, candles, monk’s robes, meditation pillows and prayer beads. You can find these statues in a variety of materials and sizes.





Buddha statues and spiritual décor are found throughout Tibet and Nepal. The products the Gallery has currently have primarily been purchased from Tibetan refugees, nuns, and their friends here in America. A variety of  Tibetan deities are available: Chenrizig, Vajrasattva, Green and White Tara, Guru Rinpoche, and Manjushri. They are cast bronze which are hollow with a plate on the bottom. You can remove the plate and insert herbs and prayer scrolls. They are then blessed and this empowers the statue. There are a variety of finishes including the gold painted as seen here. Thankas are another traditional form the Tibetans use to honor their deities. They paint the Buddhas on canvas which is affixed to a beautiful cloth border, usually made of silk brocade.



Other Buddhas

I have also have found a variety of styles, sizes and materials from India, Indonesia, and other Southeast Asian countries. There are bronze Buddhas from Java.  Beautiful wood Buddhas carved in Bali and resin statues from India and Thailand.



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