About Us

About Us

Arts of the World Gallery is a magical Salt Lake City shopping experience for hand crafted indigenous and traditional art from around the globe. We consistently seek out highly skilled artisans that produce an incredible variety of distinctive high caliber handicrafts. While helping indigenous artists and cottage industries earn a living we strive to encourage the passing on of traditional ethnic art forms and techniques for future generations. We have traveled extensively throughout Southeast Asia selecting high quality merchandise that we feel will inspire and educate the buyers towards a more open minded and appreciative approach in their daily lives.

The business was founded in 1990. We originally began vending at the California Renaissance faires. We opened the store, Arts of the World Gallery at 802 South 600 East in Salt Lake City on December 21st, 1997. Since then customers have enjoyed access to spiritually oriented art including a beautiful selection of Tibetan Buddhist and Hindu art, folk art, home decor, jewelry, and masks.

Our extensive knowledge of the ethnic handicrafts we offer provides our customers with a unique shopping experience. The handcrafted merchandise we sell includes many art mediums including wood, bone, and stone carving, weaving, batik, bronze and resin castings and many types of  painting, all produced in time honored traditional  techniques.

Arts of the World Gallery’s mission is to provide access for individual and cottage industries that otherwise might not have the opportunity to reach people in other countries. We hope by bringing the creative and spiritual expressions from many towns and villages to your town, village or city there will be a growth of tolerance, education and inspiration that helping to create a more compassionate world for all of us to live in.

We pride ourselves in our ability to offer outstanding traditional art at affordable prices while using practices that contribute to a healthy worldwide community and a healthy environment. All our packing materials are either reused or recycled. Please visit our store or find us at a variety of festival venues throughout the year. Some of the festivals where you will find our merchandise displayed are: The Utah Renaissance fair and fantasy festival, Utah Pride, The Las Vegas Renaissance Fair and at Tattoo conventions.

Donations are made to the local Tibetan Gonpa (Temple), various Type 1 Diabetes, Wildlife and environmental organizations.

Please visit us for an exceptional Salt Lake City shopping experience and find your next global treasure!

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